The last day! 

It’s the last day in Reception and all of the teachers are feeling very sad! We’ve watched the children grow and blossom over the year and we’re all so proud with how much they have achieved. We hope they all have a fantastic summer and wish them all the best as they move upto Year 1. We will miss you! 

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Jonah and The Whale 

This morning Reception have been learning all about the story of Jonah and The Whale. We have read the story in the Bible and retold the story ourselves. The children have cut out and decorated their own whale, drawn Jonah inside and then written the story themselves. After talking about the sea the children made sea shell necklaces. 

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Cinema Visit 

Reception had a wonderful visit to the Cinema where they watched The Secret Life of Pets. When we returned to school they wrote some brilliant sentences about the film. 

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Knowsley Safari Park 

Yesterday Reception had a wonderful day at Knowsley Safari park. We walked around the park and were lucky enough to see the giraffes eating their lunch! The children also enjoyed going on safari and looking at the different animals. After lunch we watched the sea lion show. One of the children said, ‘The sea lion show was the best bit because the little sea lion climbed up stairs and jumped in the water. The big sea lion didn’t climb up the stairs, he jumped really high!’ 

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Reception went to Knowsley Safari Park…

Today, Reception children have really enjoyed our trip to Knowsley Safari Park as part of our animal crackers topic. We have loved seeing all the wild animals. 

When we arrived, some goslings came to see us as we stopped of at the toilets! We started the day by visiting the giraffes eating their breakfast and the elephants having a morning stretch before we got on the coach and went on the tour around the park looking at all the different animals. We saw lions, wildebeest, zebras, rhinos, ostrich, camels and lots more. We even saw the monkeys climbing on people’s cars! 

After lunch we finished our day by watching the sea lion show. We learnt a lot about the sea lions and even watched two of the sea lions jump out of the air and touch a ball in the air which all the children throughly enjoyed! 














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Yesterday Reception had a lovely morning celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday. We walked with the rest of the school to church dressed as kings and queens and celebrated by singing songs. 

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Releasing the butterflies 

Today, the reception children have had an exciting time releasing the butterflies we have looked after since they were caterpillars. We have watched them make their cocoons and spoken about how they change into butterflies. 


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Class Assembly 

This afternoon, the Owls Reception class performed in a fantastic assembly! Our theme during worship this half term has been perseverance. The children started their assembly by acting out the story of Monkey Puzzle. They finished of their assembly by sharing their own experiences of when they have persevered. All the children showed lots of confidence. We hope all the parents enjoyed the assembly as much as we did! Thank you for coming and watching! 


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Y1 Forest School

Over the last six weeks Year 1 have had lots of fun experiencing Forest School. Today was their final session for the year and they were eager to toast their own marshmallows! 

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World Culture Day! 

Reception have had another exciting day celebrating world culture day! We focused all our activities around South America. The children enjoyed a wide range of activities including, taste testing foods, making lotus flowers, writing about Christ the Redeemer, listening to stories and exploring music and dance. 

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