World Culture Day 

Reception have had a fun filled day, learning all about South America. We tasted lots of different foods, made our own Lotus flowers, made a Teepee outside, learnt all about the statue of Christ the Redeemer, played different musical instruments and looked all the different traditional clothing. We also heard listened to some South American stories.  


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Class Assembly

This afternoon the Hedgehogs Reception class performed in a fantastic assembly! Our theme during worship this half-term has been perseverance. The children started the assembly by sharing their own experiences of when they have persevered. They then told the story of The Enormous Turnip. All the children tried so hard and showed great confidence as they acted out the story. We hope all the parents enjoyed the assembly as much as us. Thanks for watching! 

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This week in Reception we have been learning all about minibeast. We have been on minibeast hunts outside and used minibeast to help us solve maths problems. We have also worked in groups to make our own minibeast information books. 

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The Queen’s 90th Birthday!

Early Years had a fabulous day celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday! In the morning Reception thought about questions they would like to ask the Queen. They then made her birthday cards and wrote their questions inside. In the afternoon Nursery and Reception came together to have an afternoon tea party!  


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The Queens 90th birthday

Today children in Reception enjoyed our own afternoon tea party for the Queens 90th birthday! We made our own sandwiches and enjoyed eating them outside in the sunshine. We had delicious cakes and drinks. Some of the children even tried some afternoon tea.  


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Year 1 Forest School

This afternoon during their Forest School session Year 1 enjoyed gardening. To link in with their ‘How does your garden grow?’ theme the children removed weeds from the flower bed and re-planted daffodil bulbs. They also chose where they wanted the wild flowers to grow and planted the seeds. Next week we’ll be planting vegetables! 





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Our trip to the farm… 

Today, reception have really enjoyed our trip to the farm! We got to see lots of different farm animals and even got to ride on a donkey! 
We started the day by having a trip on a tractor and feeding the donkeys and horses out in the field. On our journey we got to see llamas, sheep and cows.
We got to look at lots of different baby animals and even have a stroke of them which lots of the children enjoyed! Some of the children were even given bottles of milk which they could feed to the lambs. 
On our travels round, we were able to feed the goats and the sheep in the barn. 
Before we left. We got to see how and where the cows are milked. The farmer talked to us all about the machines that are used and the journey the milk takes before it arrives in the  





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More Smithills Farm! 


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Smithills Open Farm

Reception have had a fantastic day at Smithills Open Farm. We started the day by petting the small animals and we even fed the lambs milk from a bottle. Before lunch the children enjoyed a short trip on a tractor to feed the donkeys. While on the tractor we saw cows, sheep, goats, horses and chickens. The children were thrilled to end the morning with a donkey ride. After lunch the children had fun feeding the sheep, goats and alpacas. Before leaving we watched and learnt all about how to milk a cow and how the milk ends up in the supermarkets.  


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This week in reception, we have been looking at and finding out all about how plants grow and what they need to grow. We have talked about the plants needing sunlight and water to grow. 

In our outdoor area we have planted lots of different vegetables. We are going to be keeping our eyes on them and talking about the changes that will happen.  


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