Africa, Africa

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Africa, Africa 

Y4M have thoroughly enjoyed the pupil voice theme of Africa,Africa. We have found out about all of the countries there are in Africa, learnt how to say hello in different languages, made African rain sticks (and written instructions on how to make them), created some beautiful African art, written African folktales and much more. The finale was the African dancing today. We even got to try on some amazing clothes. Thanks to the Smile of Hope Charity for the workshop. 





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Y4D digital through time

Yesterday we were visited by Alex from Bolton Library and Museum services. The children have written recounts of the day. Please see the comments below… 


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Awesome Artists

Today we have been looking at how some of our favourite animated characters are drawn. There is a video of the finished masterpieces at the bottom of this post. Some potential cartoonists of the future are here in our school.

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A Right Royal Battle

This term we have been looking at the events that led to the Battle of Hastings as well as what it would have been like to be a Norman lord or peasant on a daily basis. As part of this we have been writing, filming, recording AND editing our own news broadcasts. These are still a work in progress but we will have the finished article ready for viewing next week so watch this space!


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Digital leader-Muhammed

Hello my name is Muhammed and I am a digital leader in Year 4O.The whole role of being a digital leader is to be more confident in technology and software .Also to be more confident in typing blogs [which I am doing right now] and more helping out teachers with some technology and software when they are having problems. I have a login in a website called purple mash and we have meeting as a group. I will help younger children in difficulties and I have confidence in problems. I pads, computers, Laptops, are really fun and interesting in how fast the internet can react to our typing.

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Digital Leader-Imrana

Hello. I am Imrana I am  a digital leader in Y40 I am really happy that I’m a digital. We have meetings every Tuesday. I have used Purple mash, the blog, power point and lot more. In school I use laptops and iPads. Before I came in digital leader I didn’t know a lot of computing. But now I come I learn new  things and I love to learn new things. I also had to fill a form that will make me digital leader. When I got my letter to be a digital leader is was so happy. I will also help people which I like.

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In year 4 we have been discussing and making working circuits. We even made a human circuit which demonstrated how a switch works.  


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Light, reflection and silhouettes

This week has been very busy! We have been learning new rhythms in music and dances in P.E. And in our theme lessons we have been researching electrical devices and how they work as well as creating cityscape silhouettes.

The children worked really hard and produced some beautiful pictures. What do you think of these examples?



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Who turned the lights out?

This week in Year 4 we have been investigating light and shadows. We discovered how shadows are created and what causes them to change. As part of our investigations we looked at different fabrics and which had the perfect properties to make a den that was a dark as possible. There was a lot of discussion and decision making that took place during the build. What do you think of our efforts? 

Year 4 children – Can you explain, using technical language, which fabrics were best for creating our den?



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