Light, reflection and silhouettes

This week has been very busy! We have been learning new rhythms in music and dances in P.E. And in our theme lessons we have been researching electrical devices and how they work as well as creating cityscape silhouettes.

The children worked really hard and produced some beautiful pictures. What do you think of these examples?



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7 Responses to Light, reflection and silhouettes

  1. Mrs Rotherham says:

    They look absolutely fantastic. Well done year 4.

  2. Muhammed A says:

    I enjoyed doing the silhouettes and looking at the photos from our class. I spotted myself in some of the pictures as well.

  3. Ellie says:

    I thought this was a really good activity! Everybody’s pictures were excellent!

  4. 0462011is says:

    I really liked doing it I wish I could do it again.If we did it I would improve it and also I am in the first picture!

  5. 0462013db says:

    nice work I want to do that.

  6. 0462010lm says:

    Those pictures looks so cool I wished I had done that

  7. 0462012ML says:

    I hope you had fun using the oil pastles

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