Digital leader-Muhammed

Hello my name is Muhammed and I am a digital leader in Year 4O.The whole role of being a digital leader is to be more confident in technology and software .Also to be more confident in typing blogs [which I am doing right now] and more helping out teachers with some technology and software when they are having problems. I have a login in a website called purple mash and we have meeting as a group. I will help younger children in difficulties and I have confidence in problems. I pads, computers, Laptops, are really fun and interesting in how fast the internet can react to our typing.

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3 Responses to Digital leader-Muhammed

  1. 0462011is says:

    Muhammed I bet you liked doing it.

  2. 0462011is says:

    Well done Muhammed I bet you love your job plus you are really good at your job.

  3. 046eckersleyp says:

    Fantastic Muhammed, I hope you enjoy it!

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