Digital Leader- Leah

Hi I am Leah from year 5F I am a digital leader for my class and school. I blog on the school website and I love laptops and iPads and stuff like that, which means I get to take part in lots of very important decisions that could change how school works. I have lots of purple mash homework(which you can play lots of different activities ,although all the games are very educational. I am looking forward to the rest of digital leaders and I hope it will get even more exiting. I will also be the leader in computing, which means going on the laptops for a certain amount of time.

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2 Responses to Digital Leader- Leah

  1. 046whithamv says:

    Well done Leah, I hope you enjoy your new role as digital leader 🙂

  2. 0462011is says:

    Well done

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